There’s a terrifying little bit of news making the rounds: “flash mob” has made the OED. That’s right, folks. Last summer’s bit of DaDa fun is this summer’s permanent wrinkle in the English language.

I miss the flash mobs, both for the thrill of the performance-art spectacle and because they really did feel like some new thing that we’d foisted upon an unsuspecting world. Maybe the short lifespan of the phenomenon was inevitable. On the other hand, its roots in the Culture of Hipness accounted for the weird backlash when lots of people started showing up for them—despite the fact that having lots of people show up was, in fact, the point of the exercise. Meanwhile, the media-to-mobber ratio at the events started climbing towards 1, and you know how that takes the fun out of things.

Anyway. If somebody feels like starting up version 2.0, I’d be delighted to attend. (And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read the play-by-play in the archives.)