I got back from SF yesterday morning. Saw some old friends; saw Reuben get married; helped my cousin put together a brunch with my aunt and uncle. All lovely. The only downside was the return on the red-eye. I always forget how poorly I sleep on planes until it’s time to actually do so, at which point it’s too late and nobody ever has any Ambien to share. I kept being roused from that twilight-dozing state which passes for airplane sleep by finding that the (otherwise charming) seven-year-old in the seat next to me had sprawled out into my lap again and was burying his sharp little heel in my thigh. He was a bit of a thrasher, was Noah.

Anyway, now it’s jet lag time. Yesterday was not good, but today is infinitely worse. I have a major case of Stupid today. Uggh. I may even resort to coffee. That’s how bad it is. Thank heavens I’m down to the easy parts of the Big Crazy Project.

UPDATED: Just to demonstrate the point made above: I just realized that today is Wednesday. So I actually got home the day before yesterday. See? Stupid.