Strange Radiation

Andrew Willett, unreliable narrator.


Am spending the second night in a row at “brother-out-law” Rob’s house in Oakland hills. Second night in a row: no Rob. Actually, he was here last night but was asleep by the time we returned from the evening’s festivities (see below). Saw him for about 5 minutes this morning, but you y’all know how useful I am directly post-waking, so it didn’t count for much. Tonight he’s out doing something lawyerly.
I am getting a ride from him to the airport tomorrow, so total time with Rob this trip is expected to be about 25 minutes. Given that he was an ostensible reason for this visit to the Bay Area in the first place, I find this odd. And a pity, moreover. We like Rob. But okay, whatever. Next time.

notes on pasta

Did the big dinner with University beloveds last night. I was too whacked out from jetlag to be much fun, but I gave coherence my best shot, just to be a sport. River Madison Walker is nearly two and beautiful and fabulous. Her daddy Scott is going to go blind because he keeps his monitor cranked to its tiniest possible resolution, but other than that he is very well. Britton Walker is her usual Superwoman self. Rich was about as jetlagged as I was. He has cried uncle and is returning to the States on 12/16. He’s totally burnt out on the job (as much as he loved Tokyo) and has some mysterious girlfriend in Boston whom we need more info about–so he’s coming home, and we are all the richer for it. Kelly Wade Dragoo was not pictured; baby, you need to get us your current phone numbers so we can get you to these things.

ramble on

Paul is playing Rob’s guitar in the next room. What is that—Zeppelin, I think? Whatever it is, I’d missed that sound.

even more importantly

I’d like to point out that bit above that says to the airport tomorrow. I’m going home! Tomorrow! Plane arrives about 8pm, for those of you who were waiting impatiently; the car service will get us home by 10. Feel free to call us and tell us how much you missed us.
Oh, I can’t wait to be home.


right back where I started from


dust; settling


  1. Frank Hogrebe

    I am an old friend of Britton Kerry Walker (nee Robinson) and would like to contact her. If you know her, please forward my name and email address to her.

  2. Frank Hogrebe

    I am an old friend of Britton Kerry Walker (nee Robinson) and would like to contact her. I can be reached at Please forward my email address if you know her.

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