Today I went to Fire Island Pines with Hugh and Randall and it was great: gorgeous weather, a wonderful beach, and ‘mos everywhere. True, to do it as a day trip from Manhattan means spending about as much time on the train (and the bus, and the ferry) as on the sand, but it’s hard to beat spending one’s day surrounded by handsome men with big pecs and small dogs.

On the other hand, you can’t go to the beach every time you have the urge to happily while away the hours, so I’ve been considering alternate plans. And now — can it be? A possible reason to spend a weekend in York, Pennsylvania? Possibly so: the 12th Annual Whiterose Gameroom Show, aka OMG Look Pinball!

Because really, where the hell is there to play pinball anymore? When I was working for Eclipse Comics, back while there was still an Eclipse Comics, I used to walk down to this pizza place on my lunch break to play The Addams Family. (And to eat lunch.) When I was new to NYC I would sometimes go to this place just north of Times Square. And when I was traveling more often between the coasts, the better airports often had someplace tucked away that you could go pass some time on your longer layovers (SFO and Newark both had good ones, for instance). But the days of the video arcade seem to be gone indeed, at least as far as this town is concerned; and even if you can find a place to blow a couple quarters there are rarely pinball machines, and if there are they usually don’t work. Alas.

So: anybody got a hot tip for someone with an itchy flipper finger in NYC? For the Whiterose Gameroom Show only comes but once a year, and it’s in York, PA.