“Yeah. You don’t see this very often, but it happens. You can put your kit away, by the way. This isn’t a crime scene. Death was accidental.”

“Grissom, you’ve got to be kidding. Are you telling me it’s not a homicide?”

“Nah. The guy who called this one in is probably a rookie.”

“But—the brains! This guy’s brains are everywhere! My god, there’s grey matter a quarter-inch thick across the entire desk!”

“Right, but look at this.”

“Huh. Cell phone. I took it for bone fragments.”

“Right. And if we look—here, hold this—if we look at the phone’s incoming call log, what do we see?”


“Right. The phone hasn’t rung in over twenty-four hours. I’d say that he was waiting for a call, and it didn’t come in, and—”

“And his head exploded?”