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the republic is safe for another day

Well, so much for that: no wedding bells for them queers in this state anytime soon. I’m not entirely surprised by the decision, but I am surprised just how disappointed I am by it.

The court’s decision is not without signs of hope, though. Contrary to the BBC’s article, the decision [“full text here”:] does not say that the state’s constitution does not allow for gay marriage. Instead, it says that the state’s consitution ‘does not compel’ such recognition in the instances of people like me. In other words, it could happen, but it’s a matter for the legislature. I’d rather see my civil rights recognized as being more fundamental than something subject to the whims of those gormless bozos in Albany, but who knows? Maybe some miracle will occur. Maybe Spitzer will win the race for governor, and maybe he’ll make good on his pledge to make something happen.

In the mean time, Paul and I have been together for over a decade now, and the lack of official recognition of our relationship doesn’t make it any less real.

Maybe next year, sweetie.


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  1. Paul

    You tell ’em Andy! I love you!

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