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the avenging virgo goes to the movies

I have had a couple of movie dates recently. Yes, they were very nice, thank you. One of the films was Enchanted, which is a great date movie, funny and sweet and not particularly taxing and full of great New Yorky stuff; and the other was Sweeney Todd, which is… well, it’s a better date movie than The Young Poisoner’s Handbook, which I saw on a (rather awkward) date many, many years ago. Actually, hell, I enjoyed Sweeney Todd very much. Totally worth your $12, and if you’re a fan of the show then you’ll certainly have things to discuss over dinner afterwards. But be aware that it’s also unflinching in respect to the violence. Tim Burton seems to have been hanging out with David Cronenberg lately. Eesh.

Wait, I’m getting off track. (Because this is what happens when you suddenly decide to bang out a blog post at 1 in the morning instead of going to bed like a sensible person.) I just needed to say something: a little shout-out to the producers of Enchanted, and any other movie types who may be listening.

If your Big Romantic Costume Ball Scene hinges on having two characters dance together to a song introduced as “The Kings and Queens Waltz”?

Please, please, please at least have the cheesy lite rock ballad that follows be in three-quarter time. You know. Make it a waltz.

Thank you.


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  1. How odd, I saw Enchanged and Sweeney Todd on the same day last weekend. Although neither was a date.
    How are you doll? I must hear all about these dates!

  2. And I meant Enchanted. It’s Friday before New Years and I’m at work, what can I say.

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