Dear Spike TV:

Perhaps I am not your target audience. I’ll admit, I do enjoy the occasional megadose of CSI, and sometimes I even sit on the couch and watch a late-night episode of Star Trek: Voyager while updating the swim team’s website and my own blog and stuff. But I can’t stomach your many “ultimate fighting” shows; that ad where you showed some combatant getting an incisor knocked out in slow motion to the music of — what was that, Sinatra? — I found merely nauseating. Sure, half the fighters look like they could make a good living in the gay-porn industry, but hot though they may be I like my pinups with all their teeth.

Anyway, like I said: I’m probably not your target audience. I nonetheless feel obliged to point something out.

You have a new show: Guys’ Choice. In the phrase Guys’ Choice, there is a punctuation mark. You have left the mark out in all the show’s promotional spots, on its website — indeed, in all materials referring to the program in any form; so I am drawing your attention to the omission with this note. Let me explain: the choice belongs to the guys, in this instance the guys who vote on such world-shaking issues on which band kicks the most ass, or which, um, cybervixen is the most naughty. This posessive case is traditionally indicated with A FUCKING APOSTROPHE.

Please address this oversight at the earliest possible opportunity.