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terminus est

The final NYC flash mob is tonight. As with the last two, I won’t be there. I’ll be at Juilliard instead, working on thxe Bernstein Kaddish Symphony. (Bringing to mind a t-shirt worn by members of the Smith College Glee Club some years back: “I Can’t. I Have Rehearsal.” But I digress.)

I’ll be sad to see them go. NYC can use all the good-natured public surrealism it can get. But the handwriting’s been on the wall for a while, as its New Thing publicity has waned: Cheesebikini?, former Nexus of All Mob Reportage, didn’t mention on the last NYC mob at all. Even the mob invitations themselves commented on a strange backlash: a disdain for the mobs–events which were designed to bring large quantities of strangers together–because, well, so many people were going to them.

So. Thus endeth another fun idea. Perhaps the mysterious “Bill” will revive the list someday (although he says it won’t happen anytime soon, if it does at all). Perhaps somebody else will begin a new list. But in the mean time, DaDa will need a new pair of shoes.


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  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your thoughts on the MOB (and thoughts on other things as well…). If you want an extensive report on MOB 8, stop on by. 🙂 I’ve put a link to your site on there.

  2. Greetings to anybody wandering in from Ginger’s weblog. If you’re looking for my Mob coverage, allow me to direct you to MOB 5, MOB 4, and MOB 3.
    Feel free to poke around and read the other stuff while you’re here. Like Ginger said: “What else are you gonna do at work? Work? Pfft.”

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