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taking the plunge

Well, I’m gonna do it. On Sunday morning I’ll be taking part in the One Hour Swim. It was looking kinda touch-and-go for a while, but I’m in.

For the uninitiated, the OHS is an nationwide annual meet in which swimmers are given 60 minutes to swim as far as they can. Team NY Aquatics—that ragtag bunch of chlorine-scented queers with whom I’ve been hanging out for an astonishing twelve years now—uses the OHS as a launch platform for something more.

Each year, swimmers from TNYA treat the OHS as an opportunity to raise funds for a local AIDS advocacy organization. This year, we are raising money for two worthy recipients: the AIDS Service Center of NYC and the Momentum Project.

Last year, we raised just over $25,000 for our beneficiaries. Would you be willing to sponsor me as I go the distance?

There are lots of ways to sponsor an OHS swimmer. You could sponsor me by the length (25 yards at a go), or by the yard, or with a single lump-sum amount. My goal this year is to swim at a pace between 1:25 and 1:20 per hundred yards. A 1:25 pace would mean a total distance of 4,235 yards, or just over 169 lengths. A 1:20 pace would mean 4,500 yards, or 180 lengths. Even a penny a yard would help us help a lot of New Yorkers.

If you have any questions about the event, I’d be delighted to answer them. Just drop me a line. (Unless your question is ‘Why don’t you hyphenate the compound adjective in the name of the event?’ We’re not in a position to do that. The name is dictated by folks at the national level. However, you should know that the Avenging Virgo approves of your attention to detail.)

And whether or not you are able to make a pledge this year, I thank you sincerely just for reading all the way to the end of this note.




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  1. pablo

    Good to see that you didn’t let the blog page stay blank for too long. Awake, thinking I ought to support this somehow. As I can barely hold my breath for 10 seconds, let alone swim for an hour, I’m always impressed by this one 🙂

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