The invitation to MOB#6 has gone out. I sent it to a whole bunch of likely suspects. If I skipped you, drop me a line. This one is on August 7.
Which suddenly makes me realize that I won’t be there! Oh no! And I just forwarded the invite and everything. How embarassing. Well, it’s for a good cause.
Paul and I are going to see Jonatha Brooke that night at Joe’s Pub. She’s amazing: a singer-songwriter with smart lyrics and a genius ear for melody and harmony. Paul’s birthday is on Friday, and we love her, so this is my gift to him. Go mob and think of us.
[Meanwhile, the whole mob thing is getting completely out of hand. They’re everywhere! And as always, Cheesebikini? has got its finger on the pulse. He suggests that this can’t last; he’s probably right. In the mean time, it will be interesting to watch it do whatever it’s going to do. I wonder how the mysterious Bill feels about this. Bill, are you out there?]