Okay, I’ll shut up about this soon, I swear.

Things I learned about appearing at the Ed Sullivan Theatre last night:

  1. The studio is tiny. I guess it would have to be, to fit into your television.
  2. It is cold in there. I mean, you hear that sometimes from the guests or whatever. But they don’t mention that it’s chilly enough for the air coming out of the ventilation system to turn into fog that gently drifts down from above.
  3. You can try to be blasé about these things, but eventually the realization that you, a random choir geek, are singing rock and roll on television for an audience of about 20 million people hits you, and at that point what D describes as “my big shit-eating grin” becomes inevitable. Despite the fact that you cannot hear yourself sing at all over the sound of the band and you’re just taking it on faith that you’re hitting your marks.

[this video has been deleted, alas]

Man, what a gas. Although at that temperature, it nearly condensed into a liquid.