It’s a beautiful Sunday in NYC! And! We are doing interesting things with it! Thus far we have watched 6 TNYA swimmers do the Race for the River (from Chelsea Piers to Battery Park, 2.4 miles, and I am so proud of my friends, and what a beautiful day for an open-water race, and I think I’m going to have to swim it next year); walked along the waterfront promenade of the Hudson River Park (it’s amazing what the city has done with it, it’s a jewel and a boon to West Siders); visited Bob (who is nearly packed for his Tuesday move); bought four lantana at Chelsea Garden Center for our window box (lantana love our fire escape, providing us with wave after wave of those amazing polychrome blooms; we, in return, cram them into a much-too-small bed that keeps them from becoming their habitual six-foot thickets); reserved a tent to sleep in on the lawn at Pico next week (oh yes). Next up: lunch and the gym, then perhaps a nap, then thinking about what we’re cooking for Sunday dinner when the gang comes over. Outside there’s a classic blue summer sky with high puffy clouds; a breeze ruffles the leaves on the London plane trees in front of our building.
I am suffused with gentle, faintly effervescent joy. Hope you are too.