Strange Radiation

Andrew Willett, unreliable narrator.

RSS and Me (and You)

If anyone out there is using ANY of my RSS feeds, would you mind commenting on this post? Thanks.

This post will also serve as a test to see if Google Reader notices that the feed it seems to prefer (RSS 1.0, index.rdf) has started updating again. (My spring redesign broke it.)

UPDATED: Okay, Google Reader has figured it out at last, and I’ve also figured out why GR preferred the oldest of the three flavors I set up, way back when. I’m still curious to see who’s subscribed; I believe we will very soon be eliminating the RSS1.0 and Atom feeds, though, and going with a single standard. (Now that all readers seem to handle all standards equally well, there’s no reason to maintain multiple feeds.)


Today’s Hall & Oates Moment


Best Headline of the Century Arrives, and It’s Only 2010 2007

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