Strange Radiation

Andrew Willett, unreliable narrator.


Have I ever mentioned how insane it makes me to watch people double-click on hyperlinks? Now I have, I guess.

Once is all you need, my friends. The internet can hear you just fine.


Will Eisner, 1917-2005


fabulous, baby


  1. banino

    Oh man, I hear you on that score. Drives me nucking futs. Of course, it also drives be bats when people use an apostrophe to pluralize. This weekend in Philadelphia I saw a hair place called “Daleesha’s Hair Cut’s”. Gaaaak!

  2. cjr

    Speaking of misused apostrophes, its only a matter of time before the English language meets it’s end. Sic.

  3. grendel

    Lose versus loose and your versus you’re. Their, I’ve said it. sic.

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