Well, I think that most of the dust has settled and the Space Mango has done its work. Not a lot of newness yet, beyond the comments function, and I still don’t quite know how this whole TrackBack thing works, but the basics are all where they need to be. I think.
(Space Mango? Right. If you tried to hit the blog via a bookmark over the last 30 hours or so, you got the following, of which I’m kind of proud. I often wanted to play with the text some more instead of working on the migration, but I resisted.)

something happens
“Well, I’m inside…but there’s nothing here. Are you sure this is the right place?”
“What do you mean, there’s nothing there? There should be text all around you!”
“Nope, no text. This place is empty. No, wait, there’s something…”
“Kiddo, this is really wrong. What’s the something? What do you see?”
“Shhh. There’s a sound…it’s…oh!”
“What? What? Talk to me. What about the sound? There shouldn’t be a sound there unless there’s a posting in progress.”
“No, it’s not that kind of sound. It’s coming from a…thing. There’s something patched into the wall here. It looks like…like a big shiny mango or something…”
“A what? Kiddo, did you say a mango?”
“Yeah, I did. Trust me on this. And…whoa…this thing has been busy–I’m seeing signs of mangotech all over the room. I thought they were part of the underlying structure, but they’re not…”
“Kiddo, I want you out of there. Whatever’s going on, I don’t want you caught up in it. Post an eye in there and get out.”
“Maybe it’s a tech migration?”
“Maybe. But if it is then you really don’t want to be inside the space until things re-stabilize. Post the eye. We’re pulling back to a safe distance for 24 hours.”
“You are so no fun.”
“That’s why I’m the boss. Post the eye and come back in. Now.”
“Fine. On my way.”