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let’s dance!

Put on your Red shoes and dance the Blues.

Flashmobs may be back this summer after all—and with the added bonus of vexing (or at least refocusing) the GOP hordes. John Barlow has had a fabulous idea. Shall we dance? Shall we dance? Shall we sweep up the joyless puritans in whirlwinds of spontaneous fun? Shall we encourage passers-by to boogie down for 2 minutes of creative, ecstatic abandon? I love this idea. Go read.

Angry protests are a fine American tradition, and god knows we have plenty to be angry about. But angry protestors are to be corralled into the ‘free speech zones’ miles from anywhere, the irony of which should not be lost on any of us. Furthermore, anytime the demonstrations surrounding the convention are marked by violence it will be used to discredit we, the angry: look, see? Those who oppose the President are lawless hooligans. You’re not one of them, are you? The ones who hate America?

(Actually, that should be ‘us, the angry.’ )

Let’s dance instead. If you want in, e-mail John, and spread the word. In the mean time, we can start listing good, danceable, mildly subversive tunes. Off the top of my head, I’m thinking “Hell” by the Squirrel Nut Zippers; “Rock Lobster,” of course; maybe Deeee-Lite’s “Groove is in the Heart”…oh! And some Talking Heads!

(Thanks go out to TNH for bringing this to my attention.)




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  1. David Bowie for the title song, right?
    Thanks for visiting Mr. Hassle. Nadar’s website has stats that “prove” that his running didn’t cost the election. I would be happy to have someone else tear those numbers apart for me.
    On other topics, I love your layout but have no idea what this post is talking about. As logn as the site looks pretty, I’ll keep visiting. 😉

  2. Jamey

    “Road to Nowhere”! “Burning Down The House”! “Swamp”!
    These are my votes.

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