It has been a loooong week. A long few weeks, actually, which is why I haven’t posted a damn thing in nearly a month; but this week has been particularly bonkers.

Got out of the office at 9:30 tonight (although don’t get me wrong; the job is still incredibly fun) with a desperate need to blow off some steam. God bless Randy, my fellow swimmer and dear friend, who has been living an eerily parallel life to my own. He was just as ready to rage as I was. So we started at some ‘mo bar or another in Hell’s Kitchen. After a couple of drinks we got a text message from Booty, who had gone to Pyramid for the Cyndi Lauper spectacular at 1984, their Friday night retro dance extravaganza. Booty, aka Peter, is a hardcore Cyndi fan, despite the fact that her first big single came out when he was… 3, I think. Bring everyone, his note said. Am all alone.

We danced our asses off, although we felt so terribly, terribly old. Before long, the room filled up, and a good time was had by all. “You realize we were about the only people there who actually remember 1984?” asked Randy, much later in the cab uptown. “When those songs were new, most of the people in that room were still breast-feeding. If that.”

He was surely right. Good thing the young’uns had us there to show them how it’s done, then.

Bed now. Long day tomorrow, too.