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ggvii field report: wednesday (i)

Am still having a ball. Swam the 100 IM yesterday (1:14-point-something), and later the 4×100 medley relay. We may have won a medal in the relay; won’t know for sure until I get back to the pool. When we got there yesterday we discovered that our end-of-Monday relay had in fact taken a bronze. Yahoo! Souvenir!

Today holds my final race of the Games: the 400 IM, my favorite. The 400 is a terrifying monster—100 meters each of butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. The opening hundred meters is the really scary part for me, but frankly the whole thing is grueling. It’s an overachiever’s race. On the other hand, when you finally finish the thing you really feel like you’ve accomplished something.

People are starting to leave for their homes at this point. Today will be the penultimate day of racing, which means that tonight will be a night of intensive partying for many swimmers. We get tomorrow off—it’s Pink Flamingo day—and then on Friday the 1500 Free is the only event, and there’s no way I’m swimming that. Those of us who remain are kinda ready for the fun to be over. The excitement on the deck is mixed with exhaustion. After today’s race I’ll have three whole days in Chicago. I’m not sure how I’ll be spending them. The plan was to spend a couple of days painting the town, hanging out with friends, and to stay for the closing ceremonies. But it’s still damn hot here, and I’m tired of eating in restaurants, and the pillows at this hotel are awful. I wonder if forty-eight hours from now I will be rethinking my decision.

On the other hand, I’ve not yet really taken advantage of how Chicago is a city of much public beauty. Art! Architecture! Parks! The lake! We’ll see how things go, I guess; but first I have a final dragon to slay, and before that I really must find some lunch. More anon.


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  1. Heather

    So where are you staying and where are the events being held?
    I can give you restaurant advice in the loop, if you’re going to be there. Let me know.
    You should definitely go to the Art Institute. If you search, you may find three generations of Otto Doerings on the wall of donors. It used to be out by the front entrance, but I think they’ve moved it.

  2. Sari

    S’all I’m sayin.

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