So I leave for the airport in an hour. I’m pretty much packed—although I may go and remove some of the t-shirts, I’m sure there are too many in there—so I’m spending the next little while packing more CDs into the iPod. And while I have the time, why not some hypochondria? My brain, lacking sufficient sources of anxiety, has decided that I shouldn’t have eaten those leftovers for lunch. Tiny voices are trying to convince me that I’m about to spend the next 26 hours on the road with an horrific case of food poisoning. How old was that sausage, anyway? Aieeee!
Deep breaths, Andrew.
Anyway, the long-awaited day is at hand. I’ll be trying to check in as often as I can with reports on my races and what things are like Down Under; if you’re curious, you might also see TNYA’s Sydney Journal. I’ve roped a bunch of Roving Reporters into doing much the same for the team in general.
Back in a bit; wish me luck.