Strange Radiation

Andrew Willett, unreliable narrator.


I’ve deliberately stayed away from World of Warcraft because, well, I know a brain-sucking obsession waiting to happen when I see one. I mean, I got the Sims a while back for Christmas, and after several consecutive days of going to bed after 3AM. I bricked it behind the wall in a lead box sealed with the names of seven angels, for my own protection. WoW would also require a new computer, which is a not inconsiderable expense. But a couple of weeks ago in San Francisco at the Game Developers Conference, Will Wright—the genius game designer who made SimCity and The Sims—showcased what his team is working on now. Its working title is Spore.

Oooh. SimSpecies. Okay, for this I would upgrade my machine.

ADDENDUM: It really bugs me that Developers is unapostrophized. There, I said it.


table for one


big big world


  1. Pablo

    I hope you’re having fun. Rainy and grey in California–like the whole state is being drenched. Next time, I take no chances, family or no, and go to Tortola or something.
    Don’t stay up too late gaming.

  2. C. Juan

    I disagree with the call to apostrophize “Developers” as there need be no possessiveness between “Game Developers” and “Conference.” In this case “Game Developers” describes the type of conference rather than its ownership. For the sake of comparison, I would not use an apostrophe in the title “The Andy Griffith Show.” I expect to discuss this topic with you over many beers in the near future.

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