Today was my last day of racing. Started the morning with a 200 Breast. Did it in 3:12, I think. Something like that. Not a bad time, and it felt good as it went by. At this point I don’t trust my notes on my PR times are any more, so I’m not going to worry about it. It was fun. Coach Rob pulled me out of the 4×200 Free relay that followed, because (a) there were others who were available to do it; (b) I was feeling a little woozy—I’m either overtired, undernourished, or coming down with something; and (c) he wanted me to be really ready for the 4×100 Medley relay later in the afternoon….


And that was our time. We won the heat. We won our age division. We won a freakin’ gold medal. How cool is that? My personal contribution was 100 meters of breast stroke in 1:22. Zing!

on to the fun part

So. My final day of competition ends with a little souvenir. I’d like to thank all family and friends who supported me as I worked to get myself to this point, most especially the charming Mr. Phillips. I couldn’t be prouder of this, and I’m immensely grateful to all those who helped me realize this thing. Woo hoo!
So…I’m free! Tonight, assuming I don’t just take a nap instead, I’m going to go have some dinner with the gang and take in some of the cultural festival that’s been going on all week. There’s some sort of modern dance performance on Bondi Beach that sounds promising. Tomorrow, who knows. I have a pink flamingo rehearsal—yes, I know I promised to explain what that meant; I’ll get to it sooner or later—in the afternoon, so another day at the beach is probably not an option.

yesterday’s beach trip

Was fun. A combination of buses took me through the city’s northern suburbs; I walked through a residential area full of flowering trees and with a spectacular view of the water and then down through a small bit of the Sydney Harbor National Park. The air smelled like eucalyptus, until it smelled like the ocean. I got a glimpse of life as it is lived around here, and I’m glad. I have notes, but they’ll have to wait; I’m off to clean up for dinner now.
Best to all.


Confidential to the 3am caller: Charles says he’s sorry he hung up on you. I’m in Room 38 should you wanna try it again—but check the time-differential first.