I can’t believe it’s nearly over.

This election has been odious and wacky beyond belief and I can’t wait for it to be done, and I don’t even live in a swing state like my mom (Nevada) or my dad (Virginia). Mom can’t turn on the television anymore because the incessant campaign ads just leave her screaming at the television like a crazy person. (Yelling at the TV during campaign season is a family tradition. My sister and I sent each other text messages during the debates to boost morale: “If she doesn’t start answering the damn questions my head is going to explode.” “Every time he says ‘My friends,’ take a drink. Danger: fatal.” Et cetera.)

At the risk of tempting fate, I’ve started to actually relax about the presidential campaign. It seems almost like maybe there’s a clear outcome there possibly, assuming something utterly bizarre or horrible doesn’t happen between now and Tuesday. (Oh please Jebus no.) I mean, sure, I’m still checking Daily Kos and fivethirtyeight.com every ten minutes, but I’m calm. Instead, I’ve put all my freakout into Measure 8 in California.

When other states have had ballot measures to enshrine queers are icky ugh into their state constitutions, I have taken it personally, sure. I mean, who enjoys seeing that some state has enshrined in their most basic ground rules the idea that you are not entitled to be treated like a person? But as much as I am a New Yorker now, I grew up a Californian. I still root for the 49ers (ouch). This is my old home making with the crazy, and I expected better from them, so I gave money I can’t totally afford to fight the Mormons and the Catholics and the bigots, because we have to prove that there are some places in this country who think that love and justice are more important than hate. Tuesday night I will be up biting my nails over this one until they announce a winner or my head explodes. Feel free to send text messages.

Remember in 2004 when Mayor Newsom went rogue and started issuing marriage licenses? And people from all over started lining up outside City Hall? And random internet people started sending flowers to people waiting in line? That was awesome. Here’s a song by Vienna Teng, whom I’d never heard of before this morning, when she got spotlighted by Atrios, and whom I now think is kind of great: