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drag names I have considered

Not that drag is my thing at all. But sometimes you stay up much too late and find yourself inventing alternate personae as you brush your teeth. You know?

  • Semolina Pilchard Surrealist; not hostile, but certainly fierce. Like a warmer, fuzzier version of Strykermeyer, maybe. Assuming that can be done.
  • Miss Partridge Peartree Edwardian hostess. Only seen at Christmastime.
  • Alison Wonderland An innocent; a broad.
  • Bananas Foster Hostess with the mostess.

How about you? Who are you when your brain puts on heels?

On a somewhat related note, I finally saw the episode of Project Runway from a couple of weeks back from when they made outfits for drag queens. They got some big names to serve as models, too: Varla Jean Merman, Hedda Lettuce, Sherry Vine. Or at least they were familiar to me, which must mean they’re big, right? Regardless, was fun. And surprising — here in NYC, you pass men on the sidewalk every now and then and your brain immediately say, “Off-duty drag queen.” But at one point in this episode we saw the dragistes out of character and the vast majority of them looked like jus’ random guys. Sometimes with no eyebrows, but still. I mean, heck, Mr. Varla Jean is hot. Who knew? The best analysis of the episode, if you’re interested, will be found at Project Rungay.

Am in Ogunquit, Maine, for the weekend, with a bunch of my old a cappella cohort. Fun is being had. Hydration is key. Hope those of you celebrating Labor Day this weekend are having a good time.


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  1. Rick

    Those are great drag names. I wish I were that clever, but I only have the gowns, the wigs, and oh the shoes!
    One friend had heard of a drag queen named Tequila Mockingbird. Once I had met an Anita Greencard.
    But the best: Amanda Wreckenwith
    I found your blog through HNY. We were born a year and a day apart. I have 4 planets in Virgo.

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