Another three races, and again, they all felt great at the time. Reports were that they looked fabulous from the stands as well—and isn’t that the important part?
Anyway. First up was the 400 IM. I did it in 5:56.6, I think, which was about 9 seconds off where I wanted to be; and the regular reader will correctly assume that I was pretty disappointed in that, regardless of any of the supportive things being said by my gang in the stands. But then I did the 100 Free a little later and set an honest-to-god no-ambiguity PR. 1:04.77. So there. And I did it despite having to make a last-minute goggles swap—my trusty pair broke while I was putting them on, about 3 minutes before race time. Good thing I packed a spare set. And then I swam the butterfly leg of a 4×100 medley relay. My spare goggles came off as I hit the water, and ended up across my upper lip for the duration, but the guy next to me started a couple seconds ahead of me and ended up a few seconds behind me. Heh.
Clearly, at some point I need to more closely examine the kind of pressure I put myself under at these things; if it’s this easy to forget that I swim because it’s really fun, then I’m doing something wrong. Yesterday’s entry was shockingly whiny. Sorry about that.

deep breath

I don’t have any more races until tomorrow, so last night I was able to actually go out and have a couple of beers with the gang. There was a cocktail reception for the big NYC group at a waterfront bar last night: free drinks, the sun setting over Darling Harbour, waitresses with little pizzas to nosh on. Kangaroo: mmmm. Then Malaysian food at the Temple of Love, which has a really big, really happy Buddha smiling over the diners. Also mmmmm. I highly recommend the Asian food next time you’re in Australia. Even the lunchtime food courts in the business district have knockout stuff.
And now I’m off to the beach. The morning is achingly beautiful: clear blue sky, warm breeze. What am I doing in front of a Web terminal? I’m out of here. More later.