Strange Radiation

Andrew Willett, unreliable narrator.


Finally saw Brokeback Mountain on Friday night, and it was pretty fabulous. Gyllenhall and Ledger were wonderful; Michelle Williams, as Ledger’s wife, was really superb as well. It showed all the qualities that make Ang Lee one of my favorite directors: it was beautiful and sensitive and subtle, with gorgeous photography and long silences that spoke volumes. And we got to see a couple of men fall in love, in a movie that treated them and their relationship with dignity.

A happier ending would have been nice. Maybe America needed this movie first, though, to open the way. Next time.

Meanwhile, in other Big ‘Mo News, today saw the first meeting of a gay men’s knitting circle in our living room. Attendance held at 5, with a sixth member preparing to join us next time. Future meetings are likely to be held—can you believe the audacity?—in public. Front-runners among the group’s proposed names are “Knitting Nancies” and “The Needle Exchange.”

Watch this space for further announcements.


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  1. Peter

    Re knitting circles: not, presumably, an hom(m)age to
    See also Simon Watney, (1980), “The Ideology of GLF”, in Gay Left Collective, “Homosexuality: Power and Politics”, pages 64-76. (quoted elsewhere on the same site)
    All power to your purling.

  2. Indeed no; however, we’re always in favor of those organizations that promote the common good. Should any of its membership, whilst traveling in New York, need a safe, supportive space in which to finish a sweater or something, they’d be welcomed with open arms.

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