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chicago and/or bust!

Okay, it’s official. I am signed up for the Gay Games. Here’s my schedule:

Day I (Saturday, 15 July)
800 Free, seeded at 10:40*
200 IM, seeded at 2:28

Day II
4×200 Free relay

4×50 Free relay

Day IV
100 IM, seeded at 1:12

Day V
400 IM, seeded at 5:45
4×100 Free relay

Day VI will, of course, be the Pink Flamingo. Not sure what this year’s theme is.

Days I and V scare me. Day VI will, doubtless, scare everybody else.

All seed times in short-course meters. I am not presently able to swim these times, but I will be by then. I hope.—




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  1. Good Luck! See you in the pool at the Games. Although we are swimming different events. I’m swimming the 200 Butterfly and 100 Butterfly on Sunday. 400 Free on Monday…ouch. 200 Free on Tuesday then have Wednesday off. Then Pink Flamingos on Thursday and then on to the 1500 on Friday. OY VEY!

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