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book lust

My nephew turns 3 on Monday. He and his sister (age 5 1/2) are among my greatest sources of joy in the universe, so I guess I never stood a chance, but still: I demonstrated to myself once again the other day that bookstores have magic powers that strip you of all sense of self-restraint, yea, even in the face of fiscal terror. And Books of Wonder has strong juju indeed. I always wanted to be the sort of uncle who delights in keeping his charges stocked with really good books, and now I am. Yay.

In related news, happy National Banned Books Week! Check out this library’s brilliant window display — genius. In honor of the holiday, I finally have an excuse to pass along this excellent stash of library smut, which in turn puts me in mind of my visit to the library in Christ Church, Oxford and of the A.D. White Reading Room back at my alma mater. Good places, both, to practice one’s bookish perversions.


the fanboy loses his tongue


raked across the gravel


  1. jc.

    What? Banned books? But we have freedom of the press, don´t we? Aren´t all those terrorists trying to kill us because we have FREEEDOMS?
    I´m so confused. Maybe all you bloggers should be banned so you won´t sour my freedoms.

  2. Heather

    love the AD White room. One of my favorite places on campus.
    It was great to see you last month!

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