Okay, the following reaches previously unguessed-at heights of WTFery: it’s the trailer for a new… web-based TV show? Would-be syndicated TV show? Once upon a time this would have screamed “public-access television”… well, anyway, for a something-or-other called The Multinauts.

I mean, here’s the description from the show’s producer, Telefantasy Studios:

The Multinauts is set in an pangalactic post nuke multiverse.Three heroes from different time periods are picked up by a holographic spaceship and sent on a mission to rescue Falco Quasar, a colony pilot when they are attacked by a mega corporation and it’s mutant empire.

…Yeah. Let’s go to the clip.

Seriously. If the Multinauts website (which has a much higher-res version of the video, if you wanna see it) and a few scattered references thereto didn’t insist that this was something happening now, I’d swear I’d been bounced back to 1983. The tone on the whole thing — website, video, production notes — is played pretty straight, which means that it’s either a well-meaning-but-abysmal artifact or it’s a totally genius work of parody. It gives that same slightly queasy down-the-rabbit-hole feeling that you get from Objective: Christian Ministries.

Upon several repeat views and some additional research, I think it’s the latter. Telefantasy has a long series of YouTube videos called DungeonMajesty — yeah, evidently these were originally made for public-access TV in Los Angeles — that have a sense of schlocky humor. And hell, they worked with Leslie Hall, the gem sweater lady. Bad promo copy aside, they can’t be doing this without a sense of self-awareness.

But still: Wow. Tell me this doesn’t make you want some of whatever they’re smoking.