Huh. Who knew? This evening we discovered that The Matrix Reloaded is in fact way more fun the second time around. As long, mind you, as the second time you see it you see it on an IMAX screen.
It’s true. Sari and Bob and Cesar and I took Paul to see it at the IMAX place up near Lincoln Center. Trinity, eight stories high! Neo’s size-of-several-automobiles sunglasses! Big explosions gone even bigger! Bad skin like the surface of the moon!
The whole bad skin thing is something many of us remarked on as we left the theater: most of the cast has got it. With Larry Fishburne, this came as no shock, but yow: acne pockmarks, liver spots, little scars, ingrown hairs, the whole thing. Aren’t these folks movie stars? In the end, we put forward a couple of theories:

  1. You’re supposed to notice. There are no dermatologists in Zion. Life is, like, hard, you know?
  2. You’re not supposed to notice, and we wouldn’t have if their heads hadn’t been eighty feet high.

Anyway, in the IMAX version, Morpheus’ dialogue is still ridiculous and the Merovingian is still awful and the rave still runs on too damn long, but it’s all so…big!…that you don’t care. The overwhelming assault on the senses makes it impossible to do anything but sit back and say “…Rock on, dude.”
You can also play games like “Spot the Smiths who aren’t actually Hugo Weaving,” most notably during the Fight of a Thousand Smiths. There are lots of them. I also found myself studying the reflections in people’s sunglasses, where I often found things like studio lights. Much easier to do when it’s all really really big. You should go. Fun fun fun.