So it appears that my former employer, Major Educational Publisher, neglected to send a fax to Paul’s company when I lost my job back in March. As a result, neither of us were put on his company’s dental coverage. And now it cannot be done until January 1, or until a Major Life Event occurs.

Fuck. Would my head exploding be considered a Major Life Event?

Furthermore, I am still in my postgames funk, and as such am clenching my teeth a lot. Given that I cannot afford any big dental work between now and January 1, this is a bad thing.

The only things that give me any sort of joy right now is (a) my new haircut, which I got from my new barber, because the old one apparently quit; and (b) the disclaimer that appears at the end of every email I receive from Bobbó, who works for Major Financial Firm.

NOTICE: If received in error, please destroy and notify sender. Sender does not intend to waive confidentiality or privilege. Use of this email is prohibited when received in error.

It seems to me that I should notify the hapless sender before I destroy him. I mean, it would seem unsporting to do otherwise, and also a waste of my time to explain things to his smoldering corpse. But whatever.