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Andrew Willett, unreliable narrator.

a norwegian kind of blue

Where does the time go? You blink and suddenly there’s a whole new year going on and the index page on your blog has gone horrifyingly blank and your friends are worried you’re dead or something. Not much to report, really: the usual back-and-forth of too much freelance work and not enough; socializing with swimmers; the occasional date. I did the One Hour Swim yesterday — wasn’t feeling prepared enough to take it on all by my lonesome so I did it as a relay with a couple of teammates. Logged 4,600 yards in 60 minutes, drank the Gatorade, got the T-shirt. All was well. I’ve also recently written an initial draft of a story, which suffers from the usual passive-protagonist problems (clearly, my subconscious Has Issues) but is nonetheless promising. I have another story that is nearly in readable draft form, and am preparing to finally do a v2.0 of the Stevie Nicks Death Androids story. So: alive, and not dead.

And now: something geeky and cool. On YouTube, a video of a guy at Carnegie Mellon University who has adapted a Nintendo Wii system’s hardware to create flat-panel VR technology that shifts perspective in reaction to head and body motions by a single viewer, creating realistic simulated 3-D. Extremely neato. (via Defective Yeti.)


the avenging virgo goes to the movies


fifty decisions


  1. That guy in the video sounds EXACTLY like Kermit the Frog! Coincidence…?

  2. Grendel

    Yea. Bloggy goodness returns!

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