Strange Radiation

Andrew Willett, unreliable narrator.

a letter to my brain

Dear Brain:
Okay, so I have a story to write. I need to distribute it to my writers’ group, the Secret Cabal, one week from tonight. It needs to be under 5K words. I think it’s time to get the d.s. story out there into the world, don’t you? You’ve only been teasing me with hints about it since the last night of the Gay Games, which I needn’t remind you was in July.
But after spending an hour and a half sitting down at and then running from and then sitting down at and then running from my computer, I realize that I need a couple of important pieces. I’ve read the scrap of story that I started shortly after coming back from Chicago, but I’m not sure that’s the answer, either. I’m off to bed now; would you mind having the subconscious work on this for tomorrow?




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  1. pablito

    hmmmm. It’s nice to know the fleetingness of creativity remains a universal constant.

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